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Some Better News

..for those of you who like reading about my web designing, as opposed to my game making. This is a little thing I spend some time on this week. It’s probably what AMP 9.0 is going to look like, unless DaxterSpeed destroys it like he did AMP 8.5.

big pic

Let me know your thoughts.

<web designer talk>
It uses a ton of CSS3 for gradients and borders, but I’m going to strip that all out for the production site for images instead.
</web designer talk>

Not the Kind of News You Wanted ~UPDATE~

So I went to open up the Inkman file yesterday, now that I actually had some time to work on it. For those of you not familiar with Flash, basically all of the code for the game is stored in .as files, which are basically just plain text (meaning you can read them in a program like notepad).

I opened up the file, and I got this:
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Sneak Peek at AMP 9.0?

After I’ve read some tutorials on how to make stuff look more “Web 2.0″-ish, I decided to start reworking on my own theme.

Big Image

I’m thinking this is going to be part of the header, and the blue might be too bright, but I’m just trying to show that I’m headed in the right direction.

Ignore any blockiness around the logo, I just put that in for testing.

Shiny Old Layout

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all. It’s the old layout enhanced. Of course, I’m still looking ahead to AMP 9.0 (actually, there should be a special surprise about AMP coming later this week), so I don’t know how long I’ll keep this design.

Also, I fixed the Plugin site. No more annoying test posts, and now space for my Chrome plugins!

My Thoughts on Premium Plugins

This has absolutely nothing to do with either games or my site’s new theme. I’ll get around to both of those eventually.

I read an interesting article on Weblog Tools Collection today, and I thought I’d throw you my thoughts on the subject.

As all of you probably know, I seem to have some kind of issue paying for stuff online. Not that I can’t pay, but that I don’t want to pay. We were talking about this in a Flash Game Monetization thread on the forums, and you remember how I strongly opposed any kind of payment for a flash game. I don’t know why my mind is set like this, it just is. And as you can guess I’m also against paid Wordpress plugins.

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